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Nordic Lumber From Estonia

How did you start the first time in the import export business?

I was studying cultural sciences and comparative literature in university. I got my B.A. degree and went on to doing my masters.

During university time I was active in many organizations and the business of my university. I managed to make it to the highest top of the "deciding committee".

After spending a year in the army I got a job at Nordic Lumber Ltd. The hardest part in exporting is finding clients and - if you manage to enter a foreign market - getting other contacts from the same place. Word-to-mouth is all good and fine, but it lacks strength as a method.

The best advice I can give is to concentrate on your product. If the presentation and quality is good and your client is made sure of it, it will sell itself.

About Your Business:

Nordic Lumber Ltd is a wood impregnation and processing company located in Estonia Palivere.

We offer sawn and planed timber, impregnated sawn and planed timber, impregnated utility and fence poles, stress graded timber, heat-treated wood packing materials and various garden furniture.

In 2013 our turnover was approx. 2.5M EUR, of that approx 25% was export. Our main exporting countries are South-Korea, Cyprus, Latvia and Norway.

Contact Name: Sales
Company Name: Nordic Lumber Ltd.
Country: Estonia
Email Address: none
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